PB Controls in Toolbars

In my previous Blog post (PB 12.6 – What I Expected… What is missing.) I mentioned Support for PB Controls in toolbars. This is a very nice feature (by the way an implementation of that feature exists in PB Ulitmate Suite and also in Advanced Gui Controls sample application which was implemented by some excellent developers). This feature was not delivered, or to be more accurate, was never delivered working…

The concept was to allow the developer to add also other kind of controls to the tollbar, like a dropdownlistbox or even a userobject… Continue reading


PB 12.6 – What I Expected… What is missing.

This is an old discussion. But I insist because even if PB 12.6 was finally released September 2014, it was a different product from what I expected and surely missed lot of features that some of us expected for PB 15. I will explain my point.

During the past we saw some presentations for PB 15 (most of them right after PB 12.5 was launched). It was a good thing back in 2011 to have some feedback about our preferred IDE future. Something we are still missing today… It was one thing Sybase did well, but unfortunately had not enough time to complete, as the migration to SAP was in progress. Continue reading