Powerbuilder Lost functionallity since 2008.

In 2008 Q3 Sybase released the long expected Powerbuilder 11.

What Sybase did with Powerbuilder 11, was magic even if it had many problems and was in a point of view incomplete… This is still my opinion… And at that point, compared to Visual studio they had an advantage. Within pb 11 IDE, we were building an application and afterwards we had the ability to choose the way we wanted to deploy in (win32, winform or webform – ASP.NET)… The result wasn’t the best expected, but if we think that webform deployment was introduced in pb11 and then no changes or improvements have been made to this target, it was a great job. And I really believe that if they had spent some more time to improve deployment to webforms, without thinking about silverlight deployment option (witch by the way they started to work on, and then abandoned due to Microsoft strategic change), and later about HTML5 (witch was finally abandoned), they could keep webforms more up to date! All that belongs to the past. After Sybase acquisition by SAP, they removed webforms target (before that Sybase did also removed com targets in v. 11.5 & v 12) from the product in a maintenance released (v. 12.5.2). I think it was the first maintenance release for the product, were a future was removed without any other change. In the meantime then didn’t have an official roadmap for future releases…. Version 15 which was expected for a very long time was finally released in August 2014 (with some new features and a v. no changed from 15 to 12.6). Since then SAP seemed not to interested in Powerbuilder. In June 2016 they “sold’ the product to Appeon, which has a great interest to see Powerbuilder as they sell Appeon Web and Mobile, which is a tool to port a powerbuilder application to the web and mobile world.