Greek traditional dances in Zappeion.

Recently I was walking in Athens center and I crossed the National Garden, which in one side leads you to Zappeion Exhibition Hall. There I saw a group of Greek dancers dressed traditionally dancing. Here are some photos from their little event.

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National Garden in Athens.

Some photos from the National Garden in Athens. It’s located at the center of the town, near Syntagma metro station, right in the side of the Greek Parliament. In the past it was the “Royal” Garden, when the building of the parliament was the King’s house. It’s open to the public and very interesting to visit as in the garden you can find plants and trees that are rare in Greece.

Follows more photos of the garden and animals “hosted” there…

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Presidential Guard in Syntagma.

Syntagma square (which actually means Constitution Square) is in Athens Center. On the top of the square is located the Greek Parliament. Right bellow that building is the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. This is the place where Greek people pay homage to all those unknown who gave their lives for the freedom of Greece.


In front of the monument, there are everyday two guys of the Presidential Guard to pay honor. Every Sunday at 11:00 there is a Parade of the Presidential Guard. Two main avenues are closed for almost 45 minutes, and the Parade finish with the Guard being changed. Follows some photos from that “event” which of course attracts lot of people, mostly tourists.


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