Sunset and moonstone on the Peloponnese…

One thing I like is the sunset… When last sun rays play with the sea waves, while filling the sky with unique colors. Those photos were taken some years ago in a village near Patras (the most important port of Peloponnese).

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Photos from Attica Zoological Park.

This is a set of photos from my last visit to the Attica Zoological Park. It’s a private zoo located in an Athens suburb: Spata. The zoo is a home for a lot of animals, and in my opinion a place anyone visiting Athens should visit.

The park is open 365 days per year. It started as a bird park, but was expanded later and today you can see there almost 2000 animals representing almost 400 species. Bellow you can find more photos.

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B4J Connection to Database Example…

In this post we will see a Database Connection example in B4J. The database we will use is SQL Anywhere 16 (Developer Edition). So we need to have installed SQL Anywhere 16 (Developer Edition) to our computer.

First thing we must have in mind is that B4J produces java code. To connect to a database we need to have a JDBC driver. SQL Anywhere does provide a JDBC driver (sajdbc4.jar). To use it in B4J we have to copy the sajdbc4.jar & jodbc4.jar to our additional libraries folder. Those files are provided with SQL Anywhere client installation.

If all steps mentioned before are done, then we are ready to write our first application in B4J to connect and query a SQL Anywhere Database. For the purpose of our example we will use the sample database provided with SQL Anywhere 16. Continue reading